Brigadeiros and Espirito Brum #2

A bit late again with the post, but here I am. So on September 14th and 15th happened the last weekend of Espirito Brum, this awesome festival integrating Brazilian and Birmingham (and other parts of the UK) artists. Lots of music, workshops, performances and exhibitions. I was very happy to be able to join them with Brigadeiros for this last weekend and all I can say is that I had so much fun from the beginning to the end. I had a chance to introduce Brigadeiro to the crowd and see how people react after eating them. Results? All positive reactions and comments!! :D So thank you Espirito Brum, for the opportunity! ;)


Look how lovely it looked our table in the evening! :)

People really enjoyed the whole day and night while biting this addicting Brazilian treat that is Brigadeiro. It was a great atmosphere and I got to meet really nice people.

Geofest Collective perfoming while Oyabatucada plays

Rubiane Maia performing

Film screening – Waste Land

More Brigadeiros to finish up ;)



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