Dia dos Namorados (Lover’s Day)

Brigadeiros by Miss Apple

Have you ever heard of “Dia dos Namorados”? Probably not if you are not Brazilian :) Translating it to English it’s the Lover’s Day when all couples (married, dating, engaged, partners) exchange gifts, cards and a lot of love. It’s similar to Valentine’s Day, but differently than in some countries where people also exchange cards and gifts with beloved ones such as family or friends, the Lover’s Day is exclusive to couples. It is celebrated on the 12th June, one day before of Saint Anthony’s Day, the marriage saint.

Let’s take advantage and show you a little closer our Two Lovers flavour, perfect for this type of occasion. We call it Two Lovers because it is the perfect combination: half Traditional Brigadeiro and half White Chocolate Brigadeiro, rolled together to the perfect shape resembling the perfect couple where the two halves form only one. Isn’t that lovely?

Two Lovers Brigadeiro by Miss Apple

But you don’t have to be Brazilian to show your love for you second half this 12th June and Miss Apple’s Sweets prepared something special.  A box of 4 Brigadeiros with the flavours: 1 white chocolate and 1 traditional brigadeiro with heart sprinkles and 2 Two Lovers (Dois Amores) in a a brown box with clear lid and red ribbon  for £5.00 only.  Contact us to order yours (or to your beloved)!

Dia dos Namorados (Lover's Day)


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