Father’s Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner and we have the perfect gift for your Dad. Guess what??? B-R-I-G-A-D-E-I-R-O! Hard to guess, right?


It’s different (which of you have given Brigadeiro to your father before?) and scrumptious and he is going to love it!! Now we have a new little gift box you can see below with the clear lid that we introduced in this post.

The cute thing is that, for those who think a peach colour is too girly, specially for your daddy they’ll come in brown! yay! Of course you can choose any colour (including box colour) if you need it personalised in a large quantity for an event for example, but you have to order about 2 weeks in advance.

The Father’s Day, box of 4, costs only £5.00 and you get to choose 2 flavours. Order his until 14th June!

BUT, If you think 4 Brigadeiros is too little for your BIG DADDY, check out this page for bigger gift boxes and LET THEM EAT BRIGADEIRO!!


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