June Festivals (Festas Juninas) part 2

In the first part of this post, I told you about typical food, costumes, dance and more.

Another traditional thing during the June Festivals are the game stalls. Similar to the Fun Fairs here in the UK, they give you a prize if you score. There is fishing or throwing the circle on the bottles and others. One very popular stall is the Barraca do Beijo (Kiss stall) where people pay (small amount) to receive a nice innocent kiss.

Photo by Mariana Aurélio

If you are (or want to) flirting with somebody during the festival, you can always find a Correio elegante (Elegant Post office), where you pay to write a note and the Elegant Post Officer will deliver it straight to the person you want to receive it. Cute isn’t it? Just reminding that in the same month, in Brazil, it’s celebrated the Dia dos Namorados (Lover’s Day) and also, Saint Anthony is the marriage saint, so that is why there is a romantic tendency in these festivals too (Kiss Stall, Wedding during the dance)

Photo by Ze Carlos Barreta

The Pau de Sebo (a greasy pole) is a also a popular game. Challengers have to climb up a pole that has been greased and is very slippery, so they can reach the cash prize on top of the pole.

Some June Festivals’ traditions and foods may vary according to the areas of Brazil, but in general is a very happy and fun festival. It attracts children and adults. They are organised in schools, communities, churches, clubs, etc and can be indoors or outdoors; day or night. I have to say that is one of the traditional Brazilian events that I miss the most. I have plans to organise one here in Birmingham next year, just need to find more people willing to join the organisation, Brazilians and Brummies :)

There are also the Festas Julinas (July Festivals) which are the same, but celebrated in, well, July. It’s actually just a (good) excuse to keep it up with the festivals for a month more, so there’s no problem at all I’m posting this in July. ;-)

And to finish the blog post, I am launching a new seasonal flavour: Sweet Corn Brigadeiro and Sweet Corn Brigadeiro shot (or in the jar). Those who were at #FutureFoodies last Wednesday had a chance to try in the shot version. If you missed it, just contact us to place your order!

Miss Apple's Sweets/ Brigadeiros by Miss Apple, Birmingham UK


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