And the big day finally came! #FutureFoodies was last Wednesday 26th June at the Hotel La Tour! Dine Birmingham organised this great event. It came together wonderfully! #FutureFoodies celebrated food Independent businesses in Birmingham using social media to shine and spotlight the local producers. “EAT. DRINK. SHARE.”

Photo by Rosalilium

Photo by Rosalilium

I was very excited to showcase my Brazilian Brigadeiros to Birmingham. They HAD to know why we love Brigadeiros in Brazil!

For samples, I had hundreds of tiny Brigadeiros (rolled and creamy) and all the lovely things we offer. I wanted to show that Brigadeiros are a very versatile delicacy, perfect for any occasion. Below I show how they can be displayed at a Weeding or corporate event using tiered stands.

IMG_0801 copy

Also, Brigadeiros are perfect as party favours.

Miss Apple's Sweets; Brigadeiros by Miss Apple; Birmingham UK;

Brigadeiro pops?? YES! Launched during the event!! Kids will love them! But they are great as wedding favours as well.

Brigadeiro pops

Another products launched during the event are the Creamy Brigadeiros in a Jar. They come with those cute little spoons that sends the message: “EAT ME NOW!”, like this, straight from the jar. Very popular in Brazil too. Even more, they are spreadable so, basically, you can eat Brigadeiro with anything you want! From toast to cookies! And any flavour can be creamy or rolled.

Miss Apple's Sweets; Brigadeiros by Miss Apple; Birmingham UK;

And last, but not least, the beautiful gift boxes we always offer. Perfect for presents, you can choose box of 4, 8, 16 and 24 Brigadeiros.


After that, the foodies were left with only one “hard” option: TASTING THEM! Rolled Brigadeiro flavours were: Chilli Pepper, Pistachio, Almonds, Toasted Coconut, White Chocolate and Traditional. Creamy Brigadeiros: Capirinha (Brazilian drink), sweet corn, earl grey tea, banoffee and Irish Cream.

Tammy Facey proposed a #FutureFoodies challenge over the twitter to the bakers: Irish inspired products to be presented during the event. Her and her twin sister (the judges) chose my Irish Cream Brigadeiro shot as the Winner of the challenge! Yay! Thank you, Tammy and sister!

I had great feedback about presentation and flavours. People loved all the flavours with highlights to chilli pepper and pistachio (always!), as well as Caipirinha, banoffee, corn and earl grey. 

I am so glad I was able to participate on #FutureFoodies with Brigadeiros and get to meet so many brilliant people interested in good quality food and supporting the indie businesses. I hope they enjoyed having a little sweet taste of Brazil.

I ran a prize draw that soon will be announcing the Winner and what he/she will receive. So like our Facebook Page and follow us on Twittter to see who is the lucky winner.

Below you can enjoy more photos of the event and some of the other great indie food business were exhibiting too.


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