Birmingham Chilli Festival 2013

Catching up with a few Summer events… [2]

IMG_0909July was the month when happened the 3rd Birmingham Chilli Festival at the Brindleyplace. It was such a lovely event where you could find pretty much anything that can be spicy. Miss Apple was there with White Chocolate, Milk and Dark Chocolate chilli Brigadeiro as well as Chilli flavoured cakes: Upside down pineapple chilli cake, spiced apple chilli cake, lemon ginger chilli cake and orange sweet chilli cake. All made specially for the event. They are not in our regular menu, but if you’d like to order, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you.

IMG_0922The weather was lovely and the Chilli competition brought everybody together to watch who would eat the hostest chilli. Outch!! :)


2 thoughts on “Birmingham Chilli Festival 2013

  1. It was a delight to meet you at the Chilli Festival. ;)

    I’ve tried the White Chocolate and Dark Chocolate chilli Brigadeiros, the pineapple chilli cake and the lemon ginger chilli cake. Although brigadeiro will always be my favourite sweet, I strongly recommend the pineapple chilli cake!

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