Rainbow M&M Cake

I just love colourful things and I always wanted to make a rainbow cake and I finally got an order of one. I had a few lessons learned with this cake, so next ones will be just perfect! I decided to do a little step by step because I had to share all these colours! :) It is a simple design, but it does take A LOT of time mixing all the colours, baking separate tins and no need to mention the work of putting all those cute little M&M on the cake. But it was so much FUN!


I just loved the result and the costumer as well! Already got the feedback! She said she has already two more orders of similar cakes for me until the end of the year. I can’t wait for them!

So here I go:

1. Choose your favourite cake recipe, prepare it and divided the batter in equal amounts. Mix in the gel food colouring according to the rainbow colours. They must be very well mixed, otherwise you will get different shades and concentration of colouring in some areas. Ew!!

2. When you are done mixing, pour each batter in a different tin (I used an 8″ and placed a baking sheet on the bottom of the tin). Spread it evenly.

3. Bake them following your recipe’s direction and let them cool. When they are completely cold, level the cakes so they are exactly on the same height.

4. Check if the height of your cake is what you desired and admire all those pretty colours ( I did not have a chance to see the cut cake, unfortunately, so I’m glad I followed this step before).


5. Make your favourite buttercream and fill those moist eye-catching layers. :)


6. Start the crumb coating, let the buttercream set and finally finish covering the cake with a good amount of yummy buttercream. It doesn’t have to be perfect, as it’s going to be all covered in pretty little colorful M&Ms.

7. Place your cake on your final plate and here is where the fun begins!! Add the M&Ms 1 by 1 on your desired pattern and have fun for a few hours, depending on the size of your cake. ;) Oh, at this point, you can grab a few helpers. Kids will love it! For those wondering, these black tiny dots are REAL VANILLA SEEDS that I use in all of my cakes! Scrumptious!

M&M cake

8. Admire those yummy little round and colorful chocolate coated M&Ms becoming a lovely pattern. (Sorry, I’m just trying to make up 10 steps!)


9. Make sure you get a picture to register (and share!) the pretty thing you have just created!


10. (Phew! got it!) Enjoy!!! :)


6 thoughts on “Rainbow M&M Cake

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    • Hi Amber, I’m sorry for delaying. I’m working on another website. I don’t know if you still need the answer, but you have to put them on when the buttercream is still fresh and your buttercream must be soft so it doesn’t crust when it sets. If it gets that thin crust when it’s dry, the M&Ms will fall. But I recommend to put the M&Ms on the same day.

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