Somewhere, over the rainbow…

After I posted this cake, got quite a few quotes for a rainbow cake. Last week, a friend of mine ordered a square rainbow M&M cake for her daughter’s first birthday. The shape and the height were different from the other as you can see, but it was as much fun. Inside it was a “half” rainbow, with 3 layers: red, green and yellow as she requested.


The difference for this time is that I made some cupcakes. I had never made rainbow cupcakes before, so I was very curious about how they would turn out. They turned out great!!! BUT, I completely forgot to get a picture of them after they came out of the oven :( … what a shame…. well, next time.


I loved the combo M&M cake and cupcakes and it was quite interesting with a square cake.

Here is what she wrote me:

“Lulu’s cake was The Best!!!!!! Thank You, Karen Apple :)))” Zane Liepina

She also mentioned that one of the girls at the party was like “Wooowww!!”, amazed!I can almost see the kid’s face! :)



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