Our Brigadeiros come in standard brown cases. You can choose the sizes shown below for your gift box and make Brigadeiro a perfect gift for Christmas, Anniversary, Birthday, to say “thank you”, “I love you” or as a Wedding favour making your Wedding even more unforgettable or you can have loads of Brigadeiros for your party or event.

Brigadeiro 16

GIFT BOXES (Standard colour brown)

Brigadeiro prices table9


Brigadeiro prices table11

* If you would like more flavours than the specified above contact us to discuss. Charges for extra flavours apply.

**Minimum order of 3 boxes, except on Special offers such Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, etc.


Brigadeiro pops

£1,20 each (launching price!) – minimum order of 20


Miss Apple's Sweets; Brigadeiros by Miss Apple; Birmingham UK;

Launching prices!!

  • Small (40g) – £2.50 each (minimum order of 3 – 1 flavour)
  • Medium (100g) – £4.00 (minimum order of 3 – 1 flavour)
  • Large (200g) – £6.50 (minimum order of 2) – 1 flavour


Brigadeiro Shots

Brigadeiro Shots

£1,00 each – minimum order of 50 – (3 flavours) – you can choose the colours of the bow (included) or add any other detail. Check our gallery to see how beautiful they look.

CUSTOM BRIGADEIROS (minimum 50 Brigadeiros)**

Miss Apple's Sweets; Brigadeiros by Miss Apple; Birmingham UK;

Why not adding an extra touch to make your occasion even more perfect?

  • Tiny special decorations can be added on top of your Brigadeiros. Contact us for discussing which options are available.
  • As mentioned before, our standard cases are brown (the white ones in the pictures were just for illustration), but you CAN request a different colour or packaging if you wish to your Brigadeiros to match your event. Please, contact us within at least 2 weeks in advance to discuss your needs as the cases and other packaging are subjected to suppliers availability and delivery.

Party Favours/ Corporate gift boxes – minimum order of 25 boxes**

  • Box of 1 Brigadeiro
  • Box of 2 Brigadeiros –  1 or 2 flavours
  • Box of 4 Brigadeiros –  1 to 4 flavours

**Contact us for prices.


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